I messed up my blog somehow…I have been updating to a different one! I will switch over the missing posts sometime today… But its alot! I will try to get them done quick. ❤ Nik


I have all these fun spooky things planned for this year.
Dominicks Birthday this year is “Skeleton themed sleepover” his idea.
The nightmare ball shall be bigger and better for the deco theme this year.
here is a peek at last years eyeball centerpieces that I did:
glass with eyeballs

That Damn pumpkin killed me last year. it was a huge learning experience. it took me a couple of days. I didn’t know what I was doing. BUT people loved it. AND so much in fact that its back again. So here is the picture of last years pumpkin:
giant paper mache pumpkin
I will post this years when its done. 🙂

A couple good friends of Merian’s, knew how much she liked True Blood and requested a poster for her Birthday. Here Is what I came up with. Happy birthday Sookie… 🙂
Merian As Sookie

I made these for the You go girl promo. I love the big shoe. I didnt have a clue what or how I was going to do this. I just went for it. No pattern. The purse is foam core.

The Money Bags

So working in a casino, we do all types of things that involve money. So I have to make fake money to use. lol.  There are limits to such things…

I did explain all the blah blah blah of counterfeiting, but its a lot. Google it…. lol.

Shontae loved the jade pics so much I am doing more of them. Before it had a plain black background. I put the floor and wall in.

Alice saying Sup to daddy….

Here is a Photoshop painting I made for Tami..

Here is Cute Jade. Before and after pics.

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